Explore Jersey



The main UK mobile networks don’t extend to Jersey and usually class phoning in Jersey as an international call. Check with your service provider for current charges.

To call a Jersey telephone number, use the Jersey dialling code - 01534 from the UK and from any other country you must use +44 1534



Sending a postcard home? The main post office is in Broad Street, St Helier with smaller post offices around the island. You’ll need a Jersey postage stamp on all mail posted in the island.



We speak English - with a faint Jersey accent and as you explore you’ll see road signs in French, relics of our Norman past. Jersey has its own native language, Jerriais - an old Norman language with a sprinkling of Norse. Although you may not hear it spoken, it’s part of the island’s heritage - look closely and you’ll see traces of it around the island from map locations (Greve means beach) to street names.