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Driving in Jersey

Driving in Jersey is a little different from driving elsewhere. The speed limit is 40 miles per hour, with more heavily populated zones restricted to 20 miles per hour. Smaller lanes (known locally as “green lanes”) are restricted to a limit of 15 miles per hour with priority given to pedestrians, cyclists, horse-riders etc.

There are a number of differences between the roads in the UK and the Channel Islands:

Filter In Turn
Some junctions have FILTER IN TURN on signposts and warnings painted on the road. At these junctions traffic from all directions has EQUAL PRIORITY. You must only enter the junction IN TURN with other vehicles. They are also box junctions, so you must not enter the box unless your exit is clear.

Yellow Lines
A wide yellow line painted across the exit means STOP and give way to traffic on the “main road”.  Yellow arrows painted on the road give warning of a wide yellow line ahead. Yellow lines painted along the roadside mean that vehicles cannot park, wait nor be left unattended at ANY time.

Highway Code
The differences between driving on Jersey and on the mainland can be found here.