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Healthcare and Treatment

Jersey and the UK have a Reciprocal Health Agreement which means that if you qualify for free healthcare in Jersey and require emergency treatment when visiting the UK, or vice versa, you won't have to pay certain healthcare charges.

The reciprocal health agreements only cover you if your visit was intended to last for less than three months and you don't intend to move countries permanently.

The agreement doesn't cover all costs, eg certain types of follow on treatment or travel costs.​

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is strongly recommended. Make sure you're covered for specialised medical transport home (repatriation) and medical transfers for treatment. These are often the most expensive charges when you need overseas treatment.

What you have to pay for

You're not covered for non-urgent conditions and will have to pay for them.

You won't get free treatmen​t for urgent conditions when treatment can be scheduled for a future date.

If you need  emergency treatment that can't be provided locally, the hospital may arrange  for you to be transferred overseas. In such cases, you won't able to choose the hospital you're transferred to and all transfers relating to non-emergency treatment will be charged for.​

​You will also have to pay for:​

  • GP treatment
  • prescriptions
  • some types of medical equipment and supplies
  • certain travel arrangements (eg repatriation)
  • on-going services for an existing treatment plan (eg holiday dialysis)
  • treatment for pre-existing conditions you're awaiting treatment (eg surgery) unless there is a major deterioration in that condition while you're visiting Jersey ​​